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About Us

Robin Pridham has more than 38 years of experience buying and selling art and decorative arts. He is a graduate of Reppert Auction School (Indiana, U.S.A.), a Member of the National Auctioneers Association and the Auctioneers Association of Ontario. Robin owned two antique stores; one was located in Gananoque (ON), where he catered to the Arts and Crafts Movement collectors for many years. Robin made a television appearance on Daytime Rogers TV, Canadian Pickers and Baggage Battles. A dedicated volunteer, Robin has raised thousands of dollars for worthy causes and writes a column on Decorative Arts for the Wayback Times Newspaper.

François Guenet was a prominent fashion designer in the 1980s, in Montreal. He also created and produced a lifestyle television series from his office in Paris which led him to travel extensively around the world. 

Josée Bonneville worked for the investment industry before attending university and graduating with a Bachelor in Sciences and Marketing. Passionate about nature and wildlife, Josée became a successful development officer for the Nature Conservancy of Canada. Her tremendous experience in fundraising while at the Conservancy led her to a career at McGill University as a development and alumni relations officer for several years. 

In addition to Pridham's numerous international auctions, we also offer excellent turn-key on-site auction services. In 2016, Pridham's sold by public auction the contents of 16,000 square foot manor, Tredilion Park, in Sutton, QC. In August 2015, Pridham's conducted the most important on-site auction seen in the province of Quebec in the last 40 years, for the Estate of Henrietta Antony of Westmount and Vignoble Chapelle Ste. Agnès in Sutton, QC. Of historical importance, Pridham's sold the Estate of the Honorable Louis-Joseph Forget in 2014 in Elgin, QC. In 2013, Pridham's sold the Estate of Thomas Bassett Macaulay, President of Sunlife 1889-1909 and Founder of Mount-Victoria Farm in Hudson, QC. 

The Process: Commitment & Expertise

Knowing and promoting your assets properly: the basics of a successful auction and maximizing return.
Understanding the markets: 30 years of experience buying and selling fine art and antiques - passion at your service.
Networking: sharing a list of serious buyers, high-end dealers and collectors from around the world.
Free consultation: discussing the process with professionals...what is best suited for you? 
Moving forward: a successful auction, receiving a payment and closure.


About Pridham's

Pridham's is a registered auction house in Ontario and Québec selling fine art, antiques, jewellery, decorative arts and objects of value to the national and international markets. Contact Pridham's with confidence for auction and appraisal services.

We are open 7 days a week, by appointment:

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