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Frederick Cleveland Morgan (1881-1962) 

The F. C. Morgan Catalogue is being finalized, Pridham's will post it in the very near future. A preview is available for your perusal, thank you for visiting Pridham's again soon.

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Pridham's is very honoured to sell by public auction the contents of "Le Sabot", the Morgan Family residence built by Frederick Cleveland Morgan who is the great-nephew of Henry Morgan, Founder of Henry Morgan and Co. department stores (Morgan's) which were sold to the Hudson's Bay Company in 1960.

On Saturday, April 8th, 2017 at the Beaconsfield Golf Club located in Pointe-Claire (Montreal, QC, Canada). 


F. Cleveland Morgan entered the Family firm, while continuing his interests in botany and the arts. In 1900, Morgan took charge of the decorative arts department at the store and tirelessly expanded the collection of ceramics, wood and metal work, glass and silver until it filled the entire first floor and represented the history of the decorative arts from around the world, including important Canadian and Quebec collections. Morgan had a close relationship with many proficient dealers and artists of that period, including Paul Beau. The Estate includes a large compendium of receipts and personal notes meticulously kept by Morgan which adds tremendous importance and desirability of the items that will be offered on the 8th of April. 

F. Cleveland Morgan is recognised as a person of national historic significance:

-his enduring contribution (46 years) to the cultural life of Montréal as a museum builder and for his creation of the important decorative arts collection that defines the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. In 1907, Morgan joined the Art Association of Montreal and in 1916 convinced the Association to dedicate a room to the decorative arts on the grounds that fine examples of crafts and industrial arts would benefit the city’s growing number of technical teaching programs. He began with a donation of his own collection of ceramics, wood and metal work, glass, silver, and early textiles;

-in 1948, his work shifted the mandate of the above mentioned Association, leading to the newly named Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, since 1977 also known as the Musée des beaux arts de Montréal. Morgan worked with quiet energy, without remuneration, and with a clear vision of a museum’s public and educational role. He engaged in all aspects of the institution’s development and administration, from acquisitions to designing display cases and exhibits, and in the constant solicitation of donations and funds. In the process, he transformed the former Art Association of Montreal into one of Canada’s great museums;

-Morgan came to be acknowledged in Canada and abroad as a collector of stature. He was personally responsible for the acquisition of over 7,000 objects of remarkable quality for the Museum, of which he donated at least 1,000. His collection reflects tremendous technical and aesthetic knowledge of the world’s decorative arts, meriting Morgan’s recognition as one of the most perceptive connoisseurs of his day;

-in addition to his significant contribution to the cultural life of Montréal, Morgan left a legacy in natural history. He was internationally known in the areas of alpine rock garden design and iris hybridization. He was a founding member of the American Iris Society who honoured Morgan in 1951 with the creation of the prestigious Morgan Award (known today as the Morgan-Wood Medal). He continues to be recognised among Iris breeders for the now-classic Siberian iris hybrids “Caesar’s Brother,” and “Tropic Night,” among others;

Sources: Wikipedia, Montreal Gazette, National Post, National Historic Designations of Persons, Places and Events in Quebec (Parks Canada) and HBC Heritage.

The F. Cleveland Morgan Preview has been launched while the Catalogue is being finalized. This Estate Auction will include at least 400 lots. Please take note that Live Auctioneers will be available for pre-bidding and live bidding on auction day. Hibid will also be available for Absentee online bidding only. Telephone bidding will also be available.

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